Veho VCC-100-XL Muvi X-Lapse 360 Degree Photography and Timelapse Accessory

Brand: Veho
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The Muvi X-Lapse enables you to take up to 360° degree sweeping time-lapse images that when edited together create an amazing movie effect. It has both male and female standard 1/4" -20 UNC tripod screw threads for both mounting cameras on and also for mounting the X-Lapse onto a tripod, perfect for lightweight action cameras with a continuous photo mode such as the K-Series or standard cameras with a time-lapse feature up to a weight of 750 grams. For cameras that are slightly top heavy the Muvi X-Lapse has integral fold out feet to support and distribute the weight. cameras the Muvi X-Lapse ships with a holder for iPhone/Smartphone and in conjunction with a multitude of smartphone apps enables even the most inexperienced user to make super cool sweeping time-lapse movies. super wide angle photos by using the Muvi X-Lapse to slowly sweep a panoramic view while the camera or smartphone takes intermittent shots. on app stores and the internet.

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