Whirlpool PACB29CO

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Features of this Whirlpool freestanding air conditioner: energy class A. Color black. Smart wheels. To easily move the air conditioner to where you need it. Cold On / Off. 6th Sense function. The temperature sensor automatically evaluates the temperature in the room and provides the ideal combination of control functions to provide the best comfort ever.
New Silence Mode
This air conditioner is silent thanks to the Silent Mode, which reduces the noise level by up to 70% *. This is made possible by running the evaporator and fan slowly. * Based on noise reduction of 5 dB (A) compared to the maximum speed of the evaporator and fan. Measurement in-house laboratories according to EN 12102.
9000 BTU Cooling capacity
This air conditioner has a cooling capacity of 9000 BTU, and is therefore suitable for rooms from 20 to 30 m².
Around You Function
Thanks to a temperature sensor in the remote control, the ideal temperature is set, which makes you feel comfortable.
Compact Design
The modern, compact design makes the air conditioner easy to transport, partly thanks to the wheels.
Remote Control
Thanks to the remote control, the air conditioner is easy to use.
New R290 Gas
Thanks to the new R290 gas, CO² emissions are minimized, so that the air conditioner has little impact on the environment.
Cooling energy class A.
Very good energy-efficient results in cooling thanks to the A energy class. This air conditioner offers you perfect results with good energy consumption.
HEPA Air Filter
The HEPA Filter can remove up to 99.9% of dust particles larger than 0.3 μm, which is the size of most allergenic particles.
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