Vizu ExtremeX - Gimbal Smartphone Stabilizer

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Are you someone who likes to make videos, vlog or just like to record all his adventures? Thanks to the built-in stabilizer with this gimbal, your film images will never look blurry again and you can record up to 12 hours of videos like a professional videographer.
Gimbal for phone
This gimbal is suitable for different phones. For phones, the minimum and maximum dimensions are 3.5 to 6.4 inches.
The Vizu gimbal is very easy to use. You place your phone or action cam in the holder and hold down the on/off button for a few seconds. Your phone will then be stabilized automatically. Then you can start filming your content. During filming it is possible to change the position of the phone by means of the joystick.
Different functions
In addition to stabilizing the image, the gimbal also has a number of cool functions. This way you can take the perfect panoramic photo. There is also a function with which 9 photos from different angles are taken and merged. This makes it seem as if the photo was taken from further away when in reality you are fairly close to it. In addition, the gimbal has an auto follow function, so that it follows a pre-selected person or object.
Usable with the app
All the different functions can be used with the Gimbal Pro app. This can be downloaded for both iOS and Android. This can be done very easily by scanning the QR code. You can connect to the app by looking for it among the Bluetooth devices. When the stabilizer is connected, the above functions can be used and buttons on the Gimbal can start filming and taking photos without touching your phone.
Different modes
In addition to all the different functions, the product has three different modes in which the videos can be recorded. These are easy to operate with the physical button on the gimbal. The different modes consist of a complete 'lock function', which means that the camera does not move at all, wherever you move your hand. In the other mode, the phone moves both upwards and to the sides when, for example, a bend is made. In the last mode: the pan following mode, the camera only moves sideways. So choose your favorite and shoot all your content effortlessly.
The Vizu gimbal can rotate in all angles. The different angles can rotate as follows: 325°x 330° x 180°. This means that you are free to move your hand, while the image from your camera remains stable. Ideal if you want to record smooth video content.
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