VIZU ExtremeX 10L Water Resistant Dry Bag

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VIZU ExtremeX Drybags
VIZU is the brand when it comes to outdoor products. From filming extreme sports to tracking sports performance. VIZU is now expanding its range with the Drybags. These bags are specially made for everyone who can often be found on the water.

Pros and cons
+ The bag is waterproof due to the PVC exterior
+ The bag floats when it is properly closed
+ The bag has a stylish design
+ Buckle to make the bag huge
- In a bag of 30L past more than in one of 10L or 20L
Useful functions
This consists entirely of durable PVC on the outside. This makes it possible to take the bag with you without risk in the boat during a weekend of survival. In addition to water, the bag also repels dirt. The bag has a handy buckle for the boat. This can be used to secure the bag so that it cannot fall out of the boat. Did you forget to secure the bag? Do not panic! The bag floats when it is properly closed.

The bag has a stylish design and is available in different colors and sizes. Orange or black and in 10 or 20 liters, there is something for everyone. In addition to a large waterproof compartment, the bag has a smaller compartment on the front of the bag. This compartment is ideal for storing smaller items such as keys. It is not recommended to put electronic devices in here because the closed zipper is not 100% waterproof.

Are you a real outdoors person with a passion for the water? Then this bag is a must have for your collection!

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