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Product Description

The Vizu Flexible Tripod is a must-have for any photo or video creator. A tripod provides stable images and can be used in different settings. From recording an interview to filming your favorite vacation videos, the possibilities are endless.

For Phone, Action Cam, Compact Camera & System Camera
The Vizu Flexpod is easy to use for a lot of different devices. The universal mount and the included smartphone attachment make it possible to easily mount the various devices on this tripod. As a result, you now only need 1 tripod for all different devices.

Ideal for traveling
This tripod has a weight of 280 grams and a length of 28 cm. That makes this tripod extremely suitable to take with you on a trip. You fold the tripod and it easily fits in any suitcase.

including remote control
A remote control is supplied as standard in each package. This allows you to take selfies from a distance with the push of a button. This way you can attach the tripod wherever you want and then take the most beautiful photos from a distance.

More than just a tripod
The Vizu Tripod is a tripod with which you can do much more than just film static. This tripod is bendable so you can use it in different ways. For example, it is possible to attach this tripod to a tree or a fence, in order to film from a different perspective. It is also possible to bend the legs so that you place them against your body, in order to simulate the effect of a "first person mode".

Tip: if you are a bit creative you can even use this tripod as a replacement for your gimbal. Bend 2 of the legs to the sides of your smartphone or camera, these act as extra stabilization. Bend the third leg up and let the phone or camera "dangle" underneath. Hold this third leg loosely (with two fingers) and try to walk slowly while filming. And voilà: you have simulated a gimbal!


Flexible tripod / tripod for smartphone and action cam
including remote control
Compact and lightweight
Easy to mount anywhere
Ideal for traveling
Water resistant
Maximum load: 800g
Length: 28cm, weight: 280g

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