V-tac VT-7505 Table lamp / desk lamp with wireless QI charger

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Product Description
This desk lamp is suitable for the office or a student room. The light of the desk lamp is adjustable in 3 different colors of white light (2700K, 4000K and 6500K). Besides the fact that the light color can be changed, you can also easily charge your phone because the lamp is equipped with a QI charger.

Adjustable light color
The desk lamp is equipped with built-in LED lighting. This lamp can therefore be set in no less than 3 colors, Daylight (6500K), Cool white (4000K) or Warm White (2700K). You can also dim this lamp using the touch buttons on the front of the base. The lamps has a lumen output of 800 lumens.
Because the desk lamp is adjustable, it is suitable for any situation. The lamp is adjustable in height by means of an arm and the lamp itself can be directed in the desired direction. This means that the light always shines in the right place.

QI Charger
Because the lamp is equipped with a Qi charger, you can easily charge your phone while working. Do you have a phone or other device that does not support Qi charging? There is also a handy USB connection on the back of the lamp, so that these devices can also be charged with a cable.

The desk lamp is available in the colors white and black.

Colour White
Wattage: 5
Lumens: 800
Fitting: integrated
Color temperature: 2700K, 4000K, 6500K (adjustable)
Loading QI: Yes

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