V-tac UVc lamp - Ozone - VT-3238

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Prevent the spread of viruses and bacteria! There are many invisible dirty microbes and bacteria in life.

They float in closed spaces and are located on e.g. mobile phones, remote controls, keyboards, offices, toilets and other public areas.

These cannot be seen by humans with the naked eye, but with V-tac VT-3238 UVC lamp with Ozone you can make them harmless.

Kill bacteria and viruses
Scientific research shows that ultraviolet radiation (UVC) is very effective and fast against killing 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses on all surfaces. The ultraviolet disinfecting lamp destroys the entire structure of the DNA and RNA that make up bacteria and viruses, so that they cannot survive.

How to use
By placing the UVC lamp in the desired space, you are assured of a clean and sterilized environment wherever you are. The lamp is equipped with a timer so that the lamp automatically switches off to 30 minutes, manual switching off is also always possible. Within this period, the UVC light kills up to 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses. The lamp also functions with Ozone which is an unstable toxic gas with a pungent smell and powerful oxidizing properties. Exposure to large Ozone levels can seriously damage human health. We therefore recommend allowing the room to air for 20-30 minutes after sterilization.

Pay attention to the safety of you and your children.
- Avoid direct contact with the lamp when it is on.
- Do not let the UVC light shine directly into the eyes.
- Keep out of the reach of children.

All advantages at a glance

• Equipped with a powerful 38W UVC lamp
• Safe sterilization without alcohol
• Meets all correct certifications.
• Works quickly and easily, ideal for immediate disinfection in large areas
• Equipped with a 30 minute timer and on / off button
• Easy to install near a power outlet
• Effectively sterilizes 99.9% of all bacteria and viruses
• Wide radiation range and fast operation thanks to powerful double LED lamp with Ozone

• Weight: 760 grams
• Range up to 60 m²
• 360 degree range
• Lamp life: 6000 hours
• Colour black
• Material: Plastic
• In the box: 1x UVC lamp with 2 tubes, User manual
• Weight: 760 grams
• Dimensions: 140x150x437mm

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