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20W wireless charger for two smartphones or other devices supporting Qi wireless charging. Packed in a SWISSTEN blister

Wireless charging

With the SWISSTEN 2in1 wireless charger, you can solve the charging of smartphones and accessories that support the Qi charging format once and for all. In addition, you can charge two devices at the same time with this charger.

Power 20W

The high power of 20W will enable fast charging of the smartphone or accessories with a power of up to 2x10W.

USB-C input

The wireless charger is connected to the power supply by a modern USB-C connector. The package also includes a charging cable with a length of 1.5 m.

Anti-slip elements

For convenient charging, the charger has anti-slip elements that prevent the phone from slipping and thus ensure a minimum charging time.


USB-C input: DC 5V / 3V or 9V / 3A

Output 1: Max 10W

Output 2: Max 10W

Size: 200x92x10mm

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