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Product description

Unique SLIM charger for charging selected Samsung smartphones with Super Fast Charging technology with a power of 25W and a stand for placing a smartphone. It can be used behind furniture, in a drawer in an open space or anywhere as a smartphone holder. The package contains a USB-C / USB-C 1.2 m 3A cable. Packed in a SWISSTEN blister pack.


The shape of the charger, designed by a Czech designer, has several advantages. Firstly, thanks to the slim variant and the lower placement of the USB output, it is also suitable for charging via sockets behind furniture or appliances. Another important advantage is the groove on the top edge of the charger, which serves as a stand for placing the smartphone.

Super fast charging

With the Samsung Super Fast Charging format, you can charge with a capacity of 25W.

Modern USB-C interface

The charger has a double-sided USB-C connector, which is gradually becoming the standard for most current smartphones. You can use it with a wide variety of modern devices.

USB-C / USB-C cable

1.2 m long cable transmits current up to 3A . from


Input: 100V-240V, 50-60Hz, 1A

Output: PDO: 5V/3A or 9V/2.77A, PPS: 3.3-5.9V/3A or 3.3-11V/2.25A

Maximum power 25W

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