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60W power adapter for charging Notebooks and MacBooks. The adapter is equipped with 2XUSB-C outputs with POWER DELIVERY fast charging technology for devices with IOS and 1xUSB with Qualcomm fast charging for devices with Android OS. Packed in a SWISSTEN blister.

Fast charging

The network adapter has a fast charging of Powerdelivery and Qualcomm

Fast charging of PowerDelivery

The adapter has two USB-C ports with fast charging powerdelivery technology. This allows you to recharge your iPhone 8 or later from 0 to 50% in 30 minutes. When one device is connected, it charges up to 60W and when two iOS devices are connected, the power is divided into 45W and 30W.

Qualcomm fast charging

The adapter has two USB-A ports with Qualcomm Quick charge technology. This allows you to quickly charge two Android devices together with a power of up to 60W.



USB-A output: QC DC 5-20V 3A

USB-C output: PD DC 5-20V 3A

Output power: 60W

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