Tornadica Profi Garden Auger

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Tornadica Profi auger is a tool of excellent quality among auger drills for soils, made with heat-treatment for higher strength. It was specifically designed to meet the requirements of customers who want great quality and functionality above all.

The hand-forged working part is a lot different from the analogs on the market. Thanks to it well thought out design, it allows to increase the time of its usage while working on heavy soils.

The tool is hand made by hand forging and quenching of structural 45 steel. The working part ends with a metal spiral-shaped tip, 20x50mm. As all the other Tornadica hand made tools, the auger is very durable, of high quality and strength, very efficient in usage. The drilling diameter is 20 cm. The steel level arm consists of 2 extenders and a handle. Can be adjusted for drilling up to 1.40 m. The weight of the tool is 2.5 kg.

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