Mujjo Slim Fit iPad Mini Sleeve - Black

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Product information 

This stylish Mujjo Slim Fit sleeve is made from a single piece of leather and combines functionality and elegance, with a simple design.

The slim design makes the iPad easy to transport. The sleeve is handmade from luxurious, naturally Black leather and is made to fit the iPad Air perfectly.

The Mujjo sleeve also has an extra compartment for the necessary accessories. The sleeve is easy to use. The iPad Air is therefore easy to install and remove.

The leather that the Mujjo Slim Fit sleeve is made of is known for its durability and strength.

This leather allows the cover to change over time, this unique texture ensures that every cover is different!
Features of the Mujjo Slim Fit iPad Air Leather Sleeve Black


-Made from beautiful, naturally tanned leather
-Consists of a single piece of leather
-Extra pocket for storing accessories
-Very slim
-Simple and raw
-Easy to use
-Suitable for the iPad Air

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