MIO Mivue 886

Brand: Mio
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Exceed Your Expectation: 4K Extreme Clarity
4K 2160P Ultra High Definition recording
MiVue™ 886 offers extreme clarity through 4K resolution, which is four times higher resolution than Full HD. With the 4K recording, every detail can be magnified and still be visible, protecting your driving safety in an ultimate way.

1/1.8” Large sensor
MiVue™ 886 produces stunning video image quality with 1/1.8" Large sensor, which is 1.7 times larger than a normal sensor. Compared to smaller image sensors, 1/1.8" Large sensor provides excellent image clarity and extremely vivid colors while allowing you to clearer video in low light.

Sharper images with High Dynamic Range (HDR) recording
2K 1440P/30fps HDR
Taking advantage of the HDR function, MiVue™ 886 automatically captures multiple frames with different exposure values, then combines these frames to create a single image optimized for a clearer, sharper image with less noise.

Warning for medium speed camera
Calculates for you the remaining time, distance and average speed.
MiVue™ 886 shows the distance and time (seconds) to the last speed camera, and also provides the speed limit and average speed of the interval.

Integrated high-speed Wi-Fi 5
Real-time smartphone backup and OTA update
An incident can happen in seconds, the 1080P/120fps recording ensures the moment is captured and can be played back in slow motion mode. Even High-motion objects are clearly visible.
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