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MANU QUBE is a wireless charger and power bank, combined in one streamlined design. The world's first combined charger and power bank. QUBE prevents messy cables and can charge multiple devices at the same time. The top can be lifted and used as a stylish portable power bank, while the base is perfect for charging your devices at home.
Dual wireless charging powered by ZENS®
The QUBE's top has a 10w charger combined with a powerful battery pack that can charge an iPhone X up to 4 times. You can use the QUBE's top for a quick charge in your favorite place while simultaneously charging another device on the QUBE's base.
Wireless charging
The QUBE's top 'power bank' charges itself when the top and base come together again. This allows you to charge both your device and the power bank itself at the same time.
power up
The QUBE comes with a long braided USB power cable that can be plugged into any USB power point such as a computer, power strip or wall socket with integrated USB port. Because no power strip is included, the product can be used anywhere and is more environmentally friendly.
The base is a fixed dock
The QUBE's base has a 5W wireless charger that charges your iPhone X within 3.5 hours.
Are you literally stuck with your old charger?
Do you also get annoyed by all the cables while trying to use your smartphone? Or do you hate all those ugly cables and chargers that don't fit in your stylish interior? Then we have the solution for you.
Technical specs, fast charging, at the same time and safe.
Both QUBE's elements use smart technology that automatically recognizes how much power your device can handle. This way you always charge at the maximum speed. Due to the power and voltage protection, and the recognition of objects that cannot be charged wirelessly, we ensure that everything remains safe for you and your devices.
The QUBE's base has a 5W wireless charger that fully charges an iPhone X within 3.5 hours.
The QUBE's top has a 10W wireless charger that can charge the iPhone X in 2 hours, combined with a battery pack that can recharge an iPhone X up to 5 times.
The QUBE's 'power bank' recharges itself when you put the top and base back together. With which you can charge the power bank and your device at the same time.
The powerbank is 10,400mah.
LED Indicator: Yes, at the bottom of the power bank.
The QUBE was (unfortunately) never registered for IP certification. So not water resistant.
Dimensions: 15x15x15cm
Weight: 1200gram
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