Krosno crystal glasses

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  • Glass (6pcs) 250ml - height: 10,5 cm - diameter: 7,0 cm
  • Glass (6pcs) 350ml - height: 14,5 cm - diameter: 7,5 cm
  • Wine glass (6pcs) 270ml - height: 22,0 cm - diameter: 7,0 cm



KROSNO was founded in 1923 on the principal of quality and refined beauty. These principles are still at the heart of our business, enabling us to create exquisite glassware with superior transparency.

Understandably, over the years, new technology and changing trends have seen our brand evolve. This has facilitated the development of new product categories and innovative designs. KROSNO continues to develop both machine and manual production departments, making improvements to our collection wherever possible. We believe that even perfection should be challenged.

This agility and commitment to improvement has seen KROSNO become a truly international brand, now being sold in 60 countries. Poland is where we started but we are continually inspired by where the world takes us.

KROSNO is distributed exclusively by H.A.G Imports, whose brands include Maxwell & Williams, Casa Domani and Cristal d’Arques Paris.

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