Tornadica Weed Extractor

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Tired of irritating weeds that grow all around your garden? Try a Tornadica Weed remover! This is a unique tool that was designed for a single purpose — to make your garden work easier and faster. Remove all the weeds from flower beds or lawns with a single move.
You easily get rid of the annoying weed. To remove it, just put the tool on it and turn the handle 360 degrees clockwise. The teeth wind around the whole root system of plants and pull them out fully, leaving no chance for a further spread. With Weed puller, there is no need to use chemicals on your garden beds anymore.
Although the tool is made of steel it’s very light and comfortable to use. All the teeth are hand-forged, very durable and strong.

Hand made of tool steel. The handle has the possibility to adjust the length of the tool (two positions) so there’s no need for bending forward during its use.

The Weed puller’s design is very simple. The working part consists of four spiral teeth made of tool steel for a higher durability. They connect to a handle that is made of light-weight steel tube. It has two additional handles for a better experience. The diameter of the working part is 9 cm with the maximum tool length is 95 cm.

  • Because of teeth shape, weed roots not cut but pulled out, being fully removed. It allows you to easily remove any undesirable plants such as dandelions.
  • No bend weed puller. There’s no need to bend forward while using the tool.
  • The working part of the tool is handmade, making the tool durable.It’s one of the best Russian

inventions and has won on a competition «100 best tools of Russia”. So why spend more on expensive tools?

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