Elro Pro Cosense 9m

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The ELRO PRO COSENSE 9M compact design carbon monoxide detector ensures that you are warned in time when the toxic carbon monoxide gas is created. This gas is odorless and invisible, so it cannot be detected without a detector. Carbon monoxide is the result of incomplete combustion and can occur at your chimney, geyser or boiler. This mini carbon monoxide detector from ELRO has a battery with a lifespan of no less than 10 years!

This beautiful design detector from ELRO has a high quality electrochemical sensor which constantly measures the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. If the concentration is too high, the detector gives a loud alarm of 85dB. The ELRO PRO COSENSE 9M complies with the European standard EN50291-1: 2010 and EN50291-1A1: 2012.

The main specifications
• Reliable electrochemical sensor
• Test button to test functions
• Battery life 10 years after activation
• Low battery indicator
• End of life indicator

Contents of the package
• ELRO PRO COSENSE 9M carbon monoxide detector
• Built-in battery (not replaceable)
• Fasteners
•Instruction manual

Dimensions and weight of the smoke detector
• Length: 8 cm
• Width: 4.5 cm
• Height: 3.2 cm
• Weight: 80 gr

The COSENSE 9M carbon monoxide detector from ELRO comes standard with all the necessary mounting material. With this set you can easily attach the detector to your ceiling with screws.

For optimal functioning, place the detector at approximately 1.5m from the floor on the wall. Make sure you stay at least 1.85m out of reach of a combustion device.

For optimal operation of the carbon monoxide detector it is important to keep it clean. The simplest is to take the detector off once a month with the vacuum cleaner. Never use cleaning agents on the detectors when cleaning. In addition, we recommend that you test the smoke detector functions every month by pressing the test button.

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