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The ELRO FC2702 carbon monoxide detector ensures that you are warned in time when toxic carbon monoxide gas is generated. This gas is odorless and invisible, making it undetectable without a detector. Carbon monoxide is created by incomplete combustion and can occur in a chimney, geyser and central heating boiler.

This detector from ELRO has a high-quality electrochemical sensor that constantly measures the concentration of carbon monoxide in the air. If the concentration is too high, the detector gives a loud alarm of 85dB. The ELRO FC2702 complies with the European standard EN 50291-1:2010.

Reliable electrochemical sensor
Test button to test functionality
Includes 2 x AA batteries with 2 years life
Low battery warning
Low battery warning mute function
Alarm signal mute function
Contents of the package
ELRO FC2702 carbon monoxide detector
Includes 2 x AA battery with 2 years life
Fixing material
Instruction manual
The ELRO FC2702 carbon monoxide detector is supplied as standard with the necessary mounting material (screws and plugs). This allows you to easily and quickly attach the detector to the wall.

Hang it on the wall about 1.5m from the floor. Also make sure that you stay at least 1.85m away from a combustion device. Please note that because the actual alarm may be harmful to your hearing when you are nearby, the test volume will be somewhat weaker than the actual alarm sound.

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