Elro FS4610 smoke detector

Brand: Elro
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The ELRO FS4610 is the thinnest smoke detector in the world. The detector is only 2.3 cm thick, unobtrusive and a perfect fit for your modern interior. Its design has also been awarded a Red Dot Award and an IF Award, among others.
This detector has a built-in lithium battery with a service life of 10 years. This means you are protected for no less than 10 years, without having to replace the battery. In addition, the FS4610 smoke detector has a smart sensor that automatically dims the LED lighting in dark rooms. So, no more flashing lights at night to bother you, making it extremely suitable for installation in bedrooms.
This beautiful design detector from ELRO has a high quality optical sensor. This sensor reacts quickly to a fire, gives false alarms less often and is very environmentally friendly. In the event of a fire, the smoke detector sounds the alarm at no less than 85 dB (A). The ELRO FS4610 complies with the European standard EN 14604:2005/AC:2008. Furthermore, ELRO offers at least a 10-year warranty on this smoke detector.
Automatic self-test
To check the functionality of your smoke detector, we recommend that you regularly test it using the test button. With the ELRO FS4610 smoke detector, you do not have to do this manually. This detector has an automatic self-test function. This means that the detector randomly tests its functioning at least once a week. The smoke detector will beep and flash briefly during the self-test. This means you don't have to climb a ladder every time to test your smoke detector. It's that easy!
The main specifications
Thinnest smoke detector in the world
Night mode: LED lighting is automatically dimmed in dark rooms
10 years of protection without replacing batteries
Optical sensor for rapid response
Automatic self-test
Test button to test functions
Low-battery warning
Low-battery warning mute function
10-year warranty
Contents of the package
ELRO FS4610 smoke detector
Built-in battery with 10 years of service life
Mounting hardware
Dimensions and weight of the smoke detector
Diameter: 11.5 cm
Height: 2.3 cm
Weight: 130 grams (incl. battery)
The FS4610 smoke detector from ELRO is supplied by default with all the necessary mounting material. This allows you to easily mount the detector on your desired surface. The FS4610 smoke detector is suitable for both ceiling and wall mounting. Activation is easily done by connecting the smoke detector to the supplied ring. After activation, the battery lasts for 10 years.
We recommend placing at least one smoke detector on each floor of your home. Install smoke detectors preferably in rooms that are part of your escape routes, such as the corridor, hall and landing. We also recommend installing smoke detectors in bedrooms and in rooms with electronic equipment. Please note, because the actual alarm may be harmful to your hearing when you are standing nearby, the test volume is slightly weaker than the actual alarm sound.
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