Elro FB1300 blusdeken

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Product Description
With the ELRO FB1300 Fire Blanket you can easily extinguish small fires in and around your house. Thanks to the handy packaging, you can easily hang the fire blanket in your home in places where a fire could start. When a fire starts, pull the two handles and you can quickly place the blanket over the fire, taking away the oxygen and extinguishing the fire easily and safely. The advantage of this fire blanket compared to a fire extinguisher is that the fire is extinguished without leaving residues such as powder or foam.

How do you use the fire blanket?
The ELRO fire blanket is a safe and highly effective product for extinguishing a starting fire. To extinguish such incipient fires, it is important to be able to act quickly. Therefore, hang the fire blanket in areas where a fire could possibly break out in a place that is easy to reach.

In the event of a fire, pull the handles to remove the blanket from the packaging. Then place the blanket over the burning object and make sure that the sides fit well. The blanket is made of a woven fiberglass. This material is more flexible than with other fire blankets, so that the blanket fits better, removes the oxygen more effectively and therefore extinguishes more efficiently.

Leave the blanket over the seat of the fire for a few minutes to make sure the fire is extinguished. Discard the fire blanket after use.

Dimensions: 1.20m x 1.20m
Suitable for starting fires
Made from a high quality woven fiberglass
hardcover packaging with hanging eye
For which fires is the fire blanket suitable?
You use the ELRO fire blanket to extinguish small and incipient fires. Think of garbage can or clothing fires. For your safety, do not use the fire blanket in case of oil or grease fires.

Every year, remove the fire blanket from the packaging and unfold it completely. Then check the blanket for damage or color differences. Also check whether the handles are still firmly attached to the blanket. Discard the blanket when you encounter damage.

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