Boneco Airshower F220

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The Boneco F220 is the perfect product for medium and large rooms. This is also the ideal fan to suck fresh air from the outside to ventilate inside. It has a stylish and innovative single arm design to achieve superior airflow. The fan's head can be rotated 270 degrees, making it extremely versatile - aim it at yourself for direct cooling or reflect it off your ceiling or wall to create the signature air shower feel. The Boneco F220 has 4 speeds that are controlled with a rotary knob. The Boneco F220 is the bigger and stronger brother of the F120, which we also sell.

Boneco Air shower fans
The Boneco line of air shower fans is specially designed to move a larger volume of air and at higher speeds to create a powerful airflow and achieve excellent air circulation. This keeps the air in the room constantly moving to create an air shower around you, even out hot or cold spots and keep the whole room comfortable.

Powerful airflow
The Boneco F220 is very powerful thanks to its innovative design and quickly ensures an evenly cooled indoor climate. Using the low-lying propeller, the fan can move more air at a higher speed, while the special grill accelerates air movement and protects your hands for added safety. As mentioned above, the F220 is stronger and bigger than the F120. This makes it more suitable for larger spaces.

Choose from 4 positions and determine the direction of the airflow
This fan has 4 settings that are easy to set with the rotary knob and a 270 degree rotating fan head. This way you can direct the airflow in any direction. For example, aim the head at yourself or towards a wall or ceiling to cool down quickly.

As with the F120, cleaning the Boneco F220 is simple. It is often sufficient to clean the housing with a dry cloth, but this can also be done with a damp cloth and a few drops of washing-up liquid for stubborn dirt. More information about maintenance and cleaning can be found in the manual.


Boneco Type F220
Voltage: 220-240 V / 50 Hz
Noise: <60 dB.
Capacity: Air volume displacement: 26 m3 / min
Consumption: <41 Watt
Fan modes: 4
Height adjustable: Yes, on standard
Fan blade size: diameter 22.5 cm
Air speed:> 290 m / min
Dimensions: 37.5 x 37.5 x 85 cm (length x width x height)
Color: White version

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