Belkin BOOST CHARGE draadloze laadstandaard + luidspreker

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Charge and listen

The BOOST ↑ CHARGE ™ Wireless Charging Stand + Speaker is ideal for on your desk, bedside table, counter or wherever you like. Just one touch connects the device, and its sleek, compact design means the stand fits anywhere. The wireless charging stand + speaker supports the use of phone cases and delivers the optimal power for any Qi-certified device: up to 10 W for charging in landscape or portrait mode. Amplify the sound of your favorite podcast, playlist or video with the high-quality built-in Bluetooth speaker. Or have a crystal clear, hands-free FaceTime call using the convenient stand and microphone. And in the meantime, your smartphone is neatly charged wirelessly.

Clear sound for video calls

The stand has a built-in microphone for crystal clear phone and video calls. You can choose the desired mode for your telephone yourself. Ideal for video meetings or participation in study sessions. With the wireless charging stand + speaker, you can enjoy excellent sound when making phone calls, listening to playlists and podcasts and watching videos.

Wireless charging with up to 10W

Our wireless charging stand + speaker delivers up to 10W for fast and wireless charging of your Samsung, Apple, Google or other device with Qi support, in both portrait and landscape mode.

Charging in portrait or landscape mode

Whether you want to watch, stream or make video calls, your device will now be charged in portrait or landscape mode in our wireless charging stand + speaker.


You don't have to take your device out of its case to charge it wirelessly. Our wireless charging stand + speaker is suitable for most non-metallic cases up to 3mm thick.

Technical data:

Height: 110 mm
Width: 102 mm
Depth: 106 mm
Weight: 110 g

At a glance:

Pair, connect or disconnect with Bluetooth with one touch
Fast wireless charging with up to 10 W.
Speaker and microphone with crystal clear sound
Wireless charging possible in landscape and portrait mode
Suitable for plastic sleeves with a thickness of up to 3 mm
Compact design
Two-year product warranty and connected equipment warranty up to € 2,000

Contents of the package:

Wireless charger (10 W) with Bluetooth speaker
Power adapter

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