Elro FZ500221R Koppelbare Rookmelder 10 jaar batterij

Brand: Elro
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Product information
The ELRO FZ5002R connectable smoke detectors ensure that you are warned in time in the event of a fire. Because the detectors can be connected wirelessly, all smoke detectors give an alarm signal when one detector detects smoke. These detectors have batteries that last at least 2 years.
These FZ5002R detectors from ELRO have a high quality optical sensor. This sensor reacts quickly to fire, gives less false alarms and is very environmentally friendly. This detector is also equipped with a heat sensor. This sensor detects temperatures higher than 54 degrees Celsius. In the event of a fire, the smoke detector gives an alarm of no less than 85 decibels.
It is not only possible to connect several FZ5002R smoke detectors together; These detectors can also be connected wirelessly with all other ELRO connectable detectors, such as the FC4801R Carbon monoxide detector, the FH3801R Heat detector and the FW3801R Water detector.
You can also connect these smoke detectors to the ELRO Connects Smart Home system, so that you are warned in the event of a fire by the ELRO Connects App.
The ELRO FZ5002R complies with the European standard EN14604:2005/AC:2008. ELRO gives a 5-year warranty on this smoke detector.
The main specifications
Wirelessly connectable
Protected for 2 years without replacing batteries
Optical sensor for fast response
Test button to test functions
Low battery indicator
5 years warranty
The FZ500221R smoke detectors from ELRO are supplied as standard with all the necessary mounting material. With this set you can easily attach the detector to your ceiling with screws.
We recommend installing at least one smoke detector on every floor of your home. Always place a smoke detector against the ceiling. The best places to place a detector are part of your escape route, for example in the hallway, landing and stairs.
Contents of the package
Two ELRO FZ5002R Smoke Detectors
Fixing material for two smoke detectors
Four 1.5 Volt AA batteries
Instruction manual
For optimal operation of the smoke detectors, it is important to keep them clean. The easiest way is to remove the alarm with the vacuum cleaner once a month. Never use cleaning agents on the alarms when cleaning. In addition, we recommend that you test the smoke detector's functions every month by pressing the test button. Note: The volume of the test alarm has been reduced to avoid hearing damage during testing. So don't be afraid that you won't hear the alarm signal because the volume is too low, the alarm signal in case of smoke is much louder (85dB).
Dimensions and weight
Diameter: 120 millimeters
Height: 35 millimeters
Weight: 118 grams
Wirelessly connectable with
ELRO Connects K1 Connector (SF40GA)
ELRO Connects Connectable Smoke Detectors - 2 Pack (FZ5002R)
ELRO Connects Carbon monoxide detector (FC4801R)
ELRO Connects Heat detector (FH3801R)
ELRO Connects Water detector (FW3801R)
ELRO Connects Combi package - carbon monoxide detector and smoke detector (FF5048R)
ELRO Connects Plug-in Switch (SF40PL)
ELRO Connects Plug-in Switch - French Plug (SF40PLF)
ELRO Connects Temperature and Humidity Monitor (SF40TH)
ELRO Connects Flash & Vibration Alarm (FR3501R)
ELRO Connects Radiator Knob (SF40RV)
ELRO Connects Window/Door Contact (SF40MA)
ELRO Connects Motion detector (SF40PR)
ELRO Connects Multifunctional Remote Control (SF40RE)
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